Consistent care

Renovar is a fast-acting, non-cytotoxic, antimicrobial wound care solution that helps keep the wound bed clean and free of contaminates and debris, which is essential for wound healing without infection.

Chronic non-healing wounds are debilitating

Despite extensive efforts to develop therapeutic strategies for the effective treatment of chronic wounds, clinical success has yet to be achieved, which negatively affects patients’ quality of life and induces exorbitant costs to the global healthcare systems.1 With complex diseases and many risk factors on the rise, it is vital to have protocols and solutions that will assist in wound management.

1 in 4 people with diabetes will experience a diabetic foot ulcer1

hand with wound

Every 4 seconds a patient develops a wound in the US2

Every 30 seconds a diabetic patient suffers an amputation2

7 million people suffer from chronic,
non-healing wounds3

Restore With Renovar

Restore With Renovar

No Known Contraindications or Side Effects
No reports of any serious adverse effects.
Neutral pH Level

pH level of 6.2 – 7.8 remains active and stable for the full 24-month shelf life.

Isotonic | Non-Sensitizing

Keeps the tissue supple and does not breakdown healthy skin.

non toxic
Non-Toxic, Powerful Solution
No added antibiotics or harsh, stinging chemicals. Effective in cleansing, irrigating and moistening wounds to help ensure a sterile environment and speed up the healing process.

Renovar can be used by a clinician during
the following wound healing phases:


To clean the wound, provide hydration, and give better visualization for examination of the wound bed.


To cleanse, debride, remove biofilm, and irrigate the wound bed. During this phase, natural HOCl is released to fight infection during phagocytosis.

35.5 fl oz Spikeable/Instill Bottle


For cleaning, debriding, removing biofilm, and irrigating the wound bed. Here, granulation begins, and the wound starts to close from the outside - in.


Used prophylactically in conjunction with other compatible products to provide moisture and aid in the final healing process.

99.9% Microbe Reduction For Rapid Healing

Renovar Advanced Skin and Wound Care Solution provides at least a 99.9% reduction of most microorganisms including Staphylococcus aureus/MRSA, Streptococcus pyogenes, Escherichia coli, Proteus mirabilis, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

This hypochlorous acid solution maintains an active and stable pH level and is effective for cleansing, irrigating, and moistening wounds to help ensure a sterile environment and speed up the healing process of the following wounds: