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Accelerated Healing With HOClean Technology

Utilizing the Renovar™ HOClean™ Technology, Renovar Skin and Wound Care Solution mimics the natural hypochlorous compound produced by the human body’s natural inflammatory response to remove contaminates and debris during phagocytosis.

As neutrophils encounter contaminates within the wound bed, they encapsulate the cell membrane and generate HOCl.


The HOCl binds itself to critical cell membrane components, affecting the cell’s permeability. Once this happens, the cell membrane will rupture, causing the bacteria cells to disintegrate.

Combining this process with our Super-Oxidized-Solution, the flow of oxygen is increased to the wound bed, and therefore, speeds up the healing process by 33%.

SAFE With Renovar

With no known contraindications or side effects, Renovar is safe  for cleansing the wound, relieving irritation, and reducing the risk of infection.

Young Man With Injured arm


uper-Oxidized-Solution: performs better than both povidone iodine and saline in promoting healing and can lead to a 33% faster healing rate.


ntimicrobial/Antibacterial: Effective against a broad-spectrum of gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, reducing the risk of infection


ast-Acting Formulation: Kills bacteria, yeast species and breaks down biofilm in an impressive 30 seconds, allowing healthy tissue to form


ase of Use: Non-cytotoxic, non-irritating, convenient solution requires no mixing or diluting prior to use and can be combined with a wide variety of other wound healing products and debridement methods.